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We are a group of devoted individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences who have come together with a common purpose to make a visible and permanent impact on the lives of everybody we touch through our company and its offerings.

Adnan Babu Bhori is the Founder and Owner of Crown Enterprises.

Adnan is a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication from Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra and Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Human Resource Management from the ICFAI University, Dehradun. He has also completed certificate courses in Six Sigma and Psychology.

Adnan has worked in the corporate sector for more than 13 years with organizations from Information Technology, Telecommunications, Satellite Communications and ITES domains. Coming from a family with business background where his grandfather was a migrant and a first-generation entrepreneur in Kolhapur of Maharashtra, the inclination towards starting an own enterprise was quite natural.

Adnan endorses “continuous learning” for “continuous improvement” which are vital ingredients for growth. That is why the term “Student of Life” is something that he is an ardent believer and practitioner. Every new experience, opportunity, idea, person that comes his way are given equal unbiased attention to gain insights that he knows are certain to add value to his learning, improvement and growth journey.

Economic Empowerment, Education for All and Poverty Alleviation are social causes that Adnan wants to be a change driver for.

Founder and Owner-Adnan Bhori

From The Founders Desk

Dear Visitor,

We are humbled to have you visit our website when you have so many other choices. We welcome you with the deepest gratitude in our hearts.

Incorporated in 2019, the seed of Crown Enterprises was germinated to create a “conscious enterprise” which is a thought borrowed from nature. Nature represents simplicity and abundance. As we all know that we live on a planet that is very much alive like us and offers everything in abundance without bias. We, at Crown Enterprises likewise believe that being connected to this planet if we too try to apply these ideas of simplicity and abundance in our lives, we shall not have to struggle and have more fulfilled lives.

Driving this thought ahead, we created this company to help businesses and individuals alike to solve their problems around Information Technology and Electric domains by offering our expertise in consulting, implementation, services and training. With the advent of technology, we see the fine line between IT and electric domains blurring. We hence place both these domains- IT and electric in close vicinity of one another.

Being guided by a strong sense of purpose coupled with a clear and humble intent, we feel this is just the beginning of our long journey ahead. The objective here is to have an organization which is more responsive and humane in its offerings of products and services.

We invite you to come and join us in this journey of creation, sustenance and scale.

- Adnan Bhori

Founder and Owner

Crown Enterprises